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Protest of Thomas Lyon and John Millitt, 1740 Jan. 28.

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they endeavoured to supply the want of their Rudder by fixing a Top Mast wth. Plank & Cordage in the best manner they could instead thereof intending to bear away to Virginia the Wind being at East North East but all to no Purpose for they could not get the Ship notwithstanding their utmost Endeavour to prevent it to wear she drove on the Northermost Part of Matchapemgo Shoals where the said Appearers were under the most dismal apprehensions of loosing their Lives. In this Extremity they came to an Anchor between the Breakes in Seven Fathom Water and rode there till Sunday morning the Eleventh of the said month, but not withstanding the said Ship rode with great Scope of Cable They were every Minute in Expectation that the said Ship would drive & that they should loose their Lives wherefore they hoisted out the long Boat to go on shore at which time they saw a Sloop standing in for the Land & after firing five shot at her the said Sloop, (wch. they said Appearers have since understood to be the John & James bound from New England to Virginia, David Horney Master) stood for them, took them with Two others belonging to the said ship & one passenger & also some on Board the said Sloop & brought them to Hawkins’s Hole in James River in Virginia aforesaid. That the sd Sloop took the sd Ships long Boat in Towe & kept her a stern till the Tuesday following when the sd Sloop the weather moving very bad & Towed the sd Boat under Water which obliged the Master of the sd Sloop to cause the said Ships Boat to be cut away & so the said Boat was totally lost The said Appearers also declared that had they continued on Board the said Ship they must all have perished according to their Judgment and that the said Horney was of the same opinion And the said Thomas Lyon further declared that on Wednesday the twenty first day of the said Month he went over to Matchapemgo Shoals to try whether he could see or hear anything of the said Ship & there continued making dilligent Eanquiry until the Twenty fifth following but could get no sight nor intelligence thereof And both the said Appearers declared that they are fully

[written in left margin] part of the said Ships lading wch. the said John Lyon believes to be of the Value of 150 Pounds Prime Cost or thereabouts