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Letter of James Abercromby, 1755 Sept. 5.

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the Governor of South Carolina, it has been also said, that it is extremely unbecoming, and ill timed in the Governor of Virginia to sound the alarm, on so trifling an occasion as that of 1000 pounds for Judicial Services, at a time when this nation is expending millions for the colonys . It being my duty to adhere to your address, I have accordingly done it and by the manner in which I pressed your argument, as to the illegality of the application of the 1000 pounds, I am satisfyed that the ministry, are thereby brought under difficulty; but on the other hand I am appreciative that by laying fast hold of this flaw (in point of law) in the warrant and the secretary of states letter thereon that our arguments from Prudence and Policy urged with their "[illegible]" strength for revoking the warrant will lose ground; for to speek the truth as one in my station ought, I find the temper and the disposition of the ministry extremely averse to any alteration of their measures, and how much more will they be irritated when they come to enter into this affair, who find this address pleading the Kings favour, upon the suggestion that in obedience to his order that the warrent has been so far executed when the fact comes out to be that not one farthing has been paid thereon nor likely to be paid in pursuance of the receivers order because Mr. "[Hahlury]" does abjure the order, as he has "[none?]" of that "[money?]" in his hand !; will not the ministry here upon in for as has been insinuated already a "[illegible]" to impress upon the "[Crown?]" and on the Government of Virginia and thereby evade the Order, and may not the Kings ministers from thence take occasion to urge and press, rather than revoke the execution of the warrant; judge then, from this state of the case with what dexterity I must steer my course for the harbour and for the interest of government in Virginia, and what difficultys are to be met with 3