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Letter of the King of the Nuchegunnah and Shawanas, 1738 Aug. 4.

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To His Excellency the Governor Of Virginia

The people acquiants That the Governor of Virginia would make peace between the Cottawpas and the Northerly Indians, Which they heard it from Thomas Penn & James Logan, Who said it was good News if true But they doubted it, who Immediately sent the Letter With a belt of wampon about it to the five Nations. Likewise he sent a Letter to the Shawana King & some powder & Lead and Tobaco desiring he would not let his men go to war but guard themselves as well as they could in their towns as soon as they received the Letter they thought that their Brethren the white people was for their good & would not let their people go to war which is well known By the white people that Lives in their town And that neither they nor any that lives Between them and the five Nations went over the Hill to war As for the Skulps [Scalps] that was Brought through their town was Brought By the Chepoays Living on the other sides of the falls of the Layke Arey which Peter Shortee & Cuttapeto as soon as they saw the Skulps washed them and was very angry telling them that they Had Killed their Brethren which put them in a great fright so that they never put their Armes out of their hands while they was in their town And said if they had known of the Last murder Committed They would have acquianted it to his Brother as well as the first And the afforesad Peter Shortee hath lately been at the French settlements and acquiants you that they takes such a disliking to the Indians for killing the English that they were forced to fly from that part And they depended that peace was making so that they was in no fear So the Cattowpas came upon them and Killed one woman and man and Man and took two prisoner about the Middle of Aprll and another Company was [illegible] about 40 days ago By the Shawanas so that they left their Packs & there was found in them A very fine coat and Several Silk Handkerchiefs Brethren I would not have you think hard upon us for we assure you that it was neither us nor our people that would offer to do such a Barberous action to any of our Brethren And they would not have you to think hard of your Brethren for they gett their Living by the English for without them they could do nothing And they are but few in number to offer any such Mischief So they immagin the Cotawpas has done this Mischief that they may bare the Blame thinking to get the Christians on their Side against them it is Three Year ago since the Cottawpas killed five of our Northerly Indians And at their returning Back Killed two white Men named Douthett and Baldin which is very well known by Garrat Pendergrass & Charles Polke And the Year before that Wendohays Brother was Killed By the Cottawpas and two boys took prisoner & and Lazarus Lowry was robbed at the same time by the same Company being a white man We are very thankfull that you were so Carefull of us to send to acquiant us not to go over the Hill lest we may fall in the hands of Some that may do us Mischief, And I'll order my men to keep to the westward of the Mountain and not to come over Allaganey Hill to interrupt your people And that none of our people will come on the South side of Paxton of Paxton road to Flunt And that none of your people mayn't come on the North Side of the Said Bounds if there Comes any traders along the Said road they will not be hurt but not to bring Rum if our people go to war against the Cottawpas they will not go over the Hill untill they Come agains their town